This Halloween, the seniors of the class of 2019 decided to make five rooms based on five popular horror movies for the Senior Haunted House: Ouija, IT, Annabelle, The Purge and The Shining. The Senior Haunted House is a Hewitt upper school tradition, where all the seniors cme to school early and put together a haunted house for the upper school. The haunted house is presented on Halloween and puts everyone in the Halloween spirit. Upper schoolers weaved through the scary rooms as seniors jumped, scared and frightened lower classmen. Some students found the haunted house fun and comical, when some were terrified.

Many people thought the scariest room was the IT room. The IT room featured one senior instructing everyone to sit down and look at the projection on the screen. Everyone was told to look at the screen, where a video from the movie was playing. After a few seconds, three clowns dressed as IT (one with the real IT mask!) came at the students and started to laugh insanely. It made my a lot of the upper school jump and were ready to leave that room after the scare.

One student, Niva S. ‘22, stated, “it wasn’t scary but it was fun to walk through with my friends.” Her favorite room was the Purge room because she could tell they put a lot of hard work into it. She thought the light up masks were “spooky fun” and put her in the Halloween spirit. Another student Juliette M. ‘22 had different opinions on the Senior Haunted House. She said she enjoyed the haunted house but it definitely left her a creeped after it was over. Juliette stated, “The Ouija room was the most scary because I have a fear of them.” She also said, “I appreciate the hard work the seniors put into their haunted house” and can’t wait for next year.

The seniors deserve a big thank you for putting together such a fun and frightening haunted house to get the upper school in the Halloween spirit. All the rooms were amazing and the creativity shined through. The upper school can’t wait for next year!!

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