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Friday, October 20, 2017


What It Means to Be a Hewitt Girl

While many private schools around the city seem to have demeaning nicknames made up by other students, Hewitt’s reputation of being called “Hoeitt” seems to be the most prevalent when referring to our school. The definition for “Hoeitt” on Urban Dictionary is “the nickname of the private all-girls school, Hewitt, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side


How To Be Beautiful in 10021

On the Upper East Side, you often see a stereotypical, coveted look, and an ostentatious lifestyle. Students pass by expensive stores and restaurants that are unaffordable for most Americans.  The Upper East Side markets to the wealthy which promulgates the concept of “Gossip Girl” life. The Gossip Girl Effect is the idea that all girls


A Full Day of Recipes

Are you a foodie? Do you enjoy cooking and baking? If you love eating, baking, and preparing home-cooked meals, these recipes are definitely for you. Here are some quick and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Banana pancakes for a tasty breakfast   Recipe: 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon white sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder

Current Events

Black History Month Recap: Uncovering the Truth Behind Mass Incarceration

February 1st begins the annual celebration of Black History Month, which has been recognized as a national holiday since 1926. To celebrate the month, posters of significant black figures were hung around the school, quietly reminding students of the impact such people have made in society. But Alonnie J. ’17 and Sthefany S. ’17 seized the


A Fun Summer Isn’t So Accessible

As teenagers reach the latter half of their high-school career, there is often a pressure to pursue summer programs, pre-college courses, and service work to improve and add interest to college applications. Summer programs come with lots of opportunities, allowing students to focus in on an academic and further their intellectual exploration. At these programs,


Managing Sleep at Hewitt

The truth is, Hewitt students can barely recall the numerous sleep seminars that we have had in the past, and no one seems to be getting a sufficient amount of rest in times when it is most needed. At most, some may recall a sleep log we made, but clearly no valuable information has stuck



The Hewitt School’s seventh annual TEDxYouth event was as inspirational, moving, and joyful as one might expect it to be. Starting at 10 AM, everyone was mingling and discussing the speakers they were about to hear, enjoying the breakfast and coffee that was available, and appreciating the amazing work that the TEDxYouth staff did in


The Problem With Marketing Feminism

The growing presence of female empowerment in advertising campaigns has sparked conversations around feminism on a larger scale. We love campaigns like Dove’s “Real Beauty” because of how inclusive it is. It showcases people of color in all different body types, making their message inclusive to those groups while also reaching a mass audience. But

Current Events

Hewitt Joins The Women’s March on Washington D.C.

“This is what democracy looks like!” “My body my choice!” “Disrespect my existence, expect my resistance!” These were the cries of solidarity, feminism, and powerful women resisting President Donald Trump and the hate that has been normalized throughout his campaign and election. This past Saturday, January 21, a group of students and teachers headed down


Historical Women in Astronomy Getting the Recognition They Deserve

Another fixed day has come to an end, but the information and influences will stay with what could be the next group of future female astronomers. On Friday, January 13th, every grade held discussions about women throughout history. Students observed power points made by students about historical events during the 1800’s-1920’s, students also watched an