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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Do Students Have A Club Overload?

With so many different clubs, teams and extracurriculars to choose from, it’s very hard for high schoolers to stick to just a few activities per week. Not to mention that students have to find time to balance schoolwork amongst all of these activities. Overburdening student’s schedule leads to students being forced to either drop the


Hewitt Girls at Women’s Colleges

All women’s colleges are embedded in our country’s history and culture. In some cases, women’s colleges were established out of a need for equal educational opportunities, while others were founded simply as an alternative way for a woman to gain an education. Some of the most well known all women’s colleges are members of the Seven


Spotlight on Mr. Kaufmann

Teachers are a great source of wisdom and advice in all schools. Here at Hewitt, we are lucky to have teachers who are open to sharing their experiences with for the purpose of education as well as getting to know them. Mr. Kaufmann’s life has interested many students for years. Mr. Kaufmann grew up in

Sports & Health

Fall Season Recap

After a week of preseason team building activities and sport specific training at Golden Goal training facility at Lake George, Hewitt’s high school athletes hit the ground running in fall sports. Varsity Volleyball, led by co-captains Lilah H. ‘19 and Carly S. ‘18, had a fairly new team this season, after the loss of six seniors


Hewitt’s New Pirate Club

“Ahoy” This phrase was uttered countless times as Hewitt’s first pirate ship ever sailed down the East River. It may seem odd, but students relentlessly begged administration for a pirate club, and finally, the administration gave the idea a go. “We gave the idea a go,” said a member of the administration. “We wanted to


What It Means to Be a Hewitt Girl

While many private schools around the city seem to have demeaning nicknames made up by other students, Hewitt’s reputation of being called “Hoeitt” seems to be the most prevalent when referring to our school. The definition for “Hoeitt” on Urban Dictionary is “the nickname of the private all-girls school, Hewitt, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side