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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Current Events

We Are Young, Hear us Roar

Never again. This is what many young people across the nation are now saying. Never. Again. For the first time in a long time, students are raising their voices in a way that is being heard by the nation. Gun control has been a highly debated issue in the United States for decades. While many people have

Hewitt Happenings

Does The Block Schedule Work?

One of the hardest jobs administration faces before every school year is creating each student’s schedule compatible with every other student’s schedule in the school. In 2015, Hewitt completely remodeled the schedule for the entire school creating a six-day block schedule cycle. The six-day cycle allowed for longer class periods, but only allowed students to

Current Events

The 2018 Women’s March

This past week, over 200,000 protesters descended on midtown Manhattan on the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration and the historic women’s marches that took place around the world. Millions of women and men recreated the groups of people bearing signs that swept the news cycles last year. However, this was not just a recreation of the


The Juuling Epidemic

A new widespread phenomenon known as Juuling has become immensely popular among not only adults, but also teenagers. Teens across the country, and especially in New York City, have partaken in this new unhealthy trend. Access to them is alarmingly easy for adolescents, despite the fact that there is an age restriction of 21+ to

Arts & Culture

Theater at Hewitt

Hewitt has seen successful productions this year, including the Upper School production of Peter and the Starcatcher and the Middle School production of Comedy of Errors. With the winter musical, Fiddler on the Roof, fast approaching, one starts to wonder what exactly goes into pulling off a Hewitt production. First, the actresses must go through a rigorous


Do Students Have A Club Overload?

With so many different clubs, teams and extracurriculars to choose from, it’s very hard for high schoolers to stick to just a few activities per week. Not to mention that students have to find time to balance schoolwork amongst all of these activities. Overburdening student’s schedule leads to students being forced to either drop the


Hewitt Girls at Women’s Colleges

All women’s colleges are embedded in our country’s history and culture. In some cases, women’s colleges were established out of a need for equal educational opportunities, while others were founded simply as an alternative way for a woman to gain an education. Some of the most well known all women’s colleges are members of the Seven


Spotlight on Mr. Kaufmann

Teachers are a great source of wisdom and advice in all schools. Here at Hewitt, we are lucky to have teachers who are open to sharing their experiences with for the purpose of education as well as getting to know them. Mr. Kaufmann’s life has interested many students for years. Mr. Kaufmann grew up in

Sports & Health

Fall Season Recap

After a week of preseason team building activities and sport specific training at Golden Goal training facility at Lake George, Hewitt’s high school athletes hit the ground running in fall sports. Varsity Volleyball, led by co-captains Lilah H. ‘19 and Carly S. ‘18, had a fairly new team this season, after the loss of six seniors