Google Glass Withdrawal

Addiction is a scary thing. It can ruin people’s lives, and if it gets out of control, it can lead to unprecedented consequences. But have you ever heard of a pair of glasses becoming addictive? Google Glass, Google’s newest piece of wearable technology in the form of glasses, has become a serious addiction for one navy serviceman. Since his name has not been revealed, we do know the significant impact that Google Glass has had on his life. After using Google Glass constantly, only removing it to sleep and shower, he felt irritable and nauseous without it. His draw to the device was so strong that he even had dreams as if experiencing … Continue reading

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Review: Black-ish is Good-ish

Black-ish is the new Modern Family; it’s no coincidence that the two shows play back-to-back. Black-ish, the ABC sitcom created by Kenya Barris, attempts to raise awareness of the micro-aggressive remarks that many black families encounter. Since the black family central to the show, the Johnsons, is privileged, issues connecting race and class are discussed. Anthony Anderson, who plays a character named Dre, is a successful advertising executive and is married to a biracial doctor, conveniently named Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross). They live in an upscale suburban neighborhood with their two sons, two daughters, and Dre’s father (Laurence Fishburne.) I must say that I was disappointed by the pilot episode, which was was more educational than comedic. … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Ebola Spreads to the U.S.

Click here to jump to the most recent updates. The recent spreading of Ebola through West Africa has been deemed the largest Ebola outbreak in history. Ebola is a deadly disease which has no known vaccine and precisely known origins. About a month after the outbreak started in West Africa, Ebola reached the U.S. and is continuing to spread. Ebola is caused by an infection from one of the Ebola virus strains. There are four Ebola viruses found in several African countries: the Ebola virus, the Sudan virus, the Taï Forest virus, and the Bundibugyo virus. Researchers believe that the virus is zoomorphic, coming most likely from a bat. Ebola was first identified in the Ebola River (now … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With @New_Fork_City

Some girls have a passion for singing, whether show tunes or modern pop. Some girls have a passion for the arts, in a creative manner, or in a theatrical form. But, these girls, Natalie Landsberg (Hewitt ’14), Gillian Presto (Hewitt ’14), and Emily Morse have a strong passion for food. It goes beyond the normal attraction anyone has for a good meal; these ladies have searched New York City, or rather New Fork City,  high and low for the finest hot spots. Whether it’s in the dessert realm or the fast food field, they just about know every quality place in New York City. In November of 2013, the three girls came together … Continue reading

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Slender Man Obsessed Teen Sets House on Fire

Technology is a dangerous thing. Though it has a near infinite capacity of helpful possibilities, many people can take technology and the internet too far. Neighbors of Florida teen Lily Marie Hartwell say that she was just a normal kid who never did anything to raise alarm. She wasn’t the stereotypical rebellious teenager; however, this changed drastically when Hartwell set her house on fire with both her brother and mother inside. Around 1:15 a.m. on September 4th, Hartwell’s mom, immensely confused and scared, got safely out of the house with her son and told firefighters that her daughter was nowhere to be found. After becoming too interested in the Slender Man and his online … Continue reading

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