In November 2019, two Planned Parenthood clinics in Ohio closed in response to the organization’s rejection of millions of dollars from a federal family planning program that banned abortion referrals. The organization decided that they cannot obtain the funding without the approval of abortion because Planned Parenthood strives to provide abortions for women in need. This led to the two clinics closing down and leaving girls in need of the proper health supplies and resources stranded. Recently, the government has begun to fund “fake health clinics” which are scaring women from abortion daily. 

As said by “Pro-Choice America”, fake health centers are, “Healthcare clinics that lie too, shame and intentionally mislead women about their reproductive health care options to block them from accessing abortion care.” These fake clinics deceive women into making them believe that they will have access to full-service women’s health care. However, these clinics use lies and manipulation to dissuade women from considering abortion. In fact, many of these fake clinics persuade women that they can receive an abortion just to get their foot in the door. 

There are more than 4,000 fake health centers across America and the number is only growing. However, there are only 780 real abortion providers all over the country. Also, in at least 12 states, fake health centers, “Receive direct state funding to mislead women” (Prochoice). These fake clinics have mostly affected poor women and women of color. These women do not know of the intentions of the fake clinics and only want the correct abortion treatment. The intentions of these fake clinics are so wrongful, it is appalling. Once the women are inside the “medical” clinic, they are pressured and shamed about their reproductive health decisions. Usually, the workers at the fake clinic delay their procedure or push them past the deadline for a legal abortion altogether. 

Although it may take a lot of voices, there is a way to put a stop to these fake health clinics and open the eyes of people who do not see what is happening. One person can make a difference by speaking out. If we all speak out for the women who do not have the voices to, we are able to make a difference and encourage representatives to take action against the fake health clinics.

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