Last year’s haunted house theme consisted of different horror films to scare the underclassmen. And sure they did! With movies like The Purge and Annabel, all of the Upper School was impressed. 

This year’s haunted house was a play on the new movie, Birdbox. Birdbox is about a mysterious force that randomly decimates the population, killing people left and right. The force possesses people if they see it. So, all the students were given blindfolds. A 10th grader, Maya B. ‘22  said, “It wasn’t as creepy as last year but it was surprising when the girl jumped out at the end.” On the contrary, Penelope Flouret ‘23 said, “I didn’t realize there were students under the tables so I got really freaked out when the tables started rocking.” Students were lead to the upper school building, which was covered with webs and spooky decorations. This year’s senior Haunted House was organized by the senior class leaders, Maddie G. ‘20, Sammy G. ‘20 and Alexandra L. ‘20. All of the rooms consisted of flipped tables and chairs that were shaking. Seniors were spraying water and jumping up and scaring students. We sure had a scare! The last room consisted of around 10 seniors congratulating us that we have survived the journey and the birds have been freed. However, a minute later, one of the seniors jumped out and ended the adventure with a jump-scare. 

The Upper School students admire the work the seniors did when putting together the haunted house. However, this year’s haunted house did not measure up to last years. If I were to rate the 2019 haunted house, I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. Nice job seniors! 

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