On a damp, swampy January afternoon Hewitt School students gathered in clusters in the gym. To the naked eye this would appear strange and unusual, but for these high schoolers, it was the best time of their lives. Many students passing by the gym saw this.

The Hewitt School has finally gotten it’s cell imitation club up and running and at the rate, it’s going, there’s no stopping them. The cell imitation club is comprised of passionate students looking to find meaning in a hopeless world by physically imitating the structure of a cell with their bodies.

I spoke to the presidents of the club who shared their inspiring goal of the club, “We wanted to start the cell imitation club because even though billions of cells make up our beastly bodies we don’t know what it’s like to be a cell. We wanted to feel and empathize with these cells because quite frankly I don’t think people are even aware of the truth.”

As I grew more comfortable with the club, they grew more comfortable with me observing and interacting with them. I spoke to an 11th-grade member of the club, and she revealed what it was like, “I got a really bad grade on my test today, so I’m in such a bad mood. I am so scared to go home and get yelled at my parents.” I then spoke to the faculty advisor of the club to gain insight on the profound and curious work these students participate in, “Hi my name is Dr. Sabol, and I am the club advisor of the cell imitation club, I like this club a lot. I think this club is fun.”

I then spoke to some of the unfortunate looking members of the club, “When I am in the cell with my friends I always want to be the Nucleus because it is the purest and unmatched power any human can ever experience in their entire lives. When I am the nucleus, I can feel the blood rushing through my veins as I am indubitably the most robust dominant thing this cell has. Without me, the cell would fall into oblivion.” I then spoke to, yet again, another sickly looking peer, “It’s my first year at Hewitt and being in this club has really shown…” she continued “ My divorced parents are getting back together because of this club.” The cell imitation club has proved to be a success, and I feel beyond fortunate to have been able to take a glimpse into the world of cells.

Example of the clusters students form to replicate cells.   Source: The Balance
Example of the clusters students form to replicate cells.
Source: The Balance

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