January 6, 2021 will be a day Americans will always remember. This being the day when our Capitol, in Washington D.C. was mobbed by insurrectionists under the watch of President Donald Trump. Thousands of Trump supporters were able to make their way inside the Capitol building and pandemonium erupted. They smashed doors, stole items, and were so aggressive and violent that sadly five people passed away that day. New videos are surfacing frequently, demonstrating the excessive amount of violence perpetrated by the rioters.  

The chaos that filled the world’s screens showed broken glass, bloody statues, and a widely circulated image of a standoff on the House floor. World leaders took to the media and the news to share their thoughts on the attack on our Capitol. “We believe in the strength of American Democracy,” French President Emanuelle Macron stated in a video uploaded to Twitter on February 7, summing up what happened that day by stating that the events witnessed, “[were] not America.” In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel shared that what she witnessed made her “furious and also sad.” Similar sentiments were echoed by leaders from across the world.

Amid the words  “democracy” and “disgraceful” said by allies, many were interested in hearing what China and Iran had to say about the attack. The United States has a very tense relationship with both countries, and the statements from these nations were very different from what others had to say. The Chinese Embassy located in the  United States even told Chinese nationals to be aware of their surroundings when they go out in public. On China’s version of Twitter, Weibo, many users expressed their thoughts about the events. “This is karma,” one Weibo user wrote. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani called Trump a “sick person,” according to CNN and later added that Trump had let his country down. The relationship between the U.S. and Iran has been tense throughout President Trump’s term.

A week after the attack the United States was still in shock from the violence and was on alert in preparation for Biden’s January 20th inauguration; approximately 25,000 National Guard troops were stationed in Washington D.C. What the world witnessed on January 6th was appalling, but with a new President, one who has already done so much to try to get the United States back on its feet, hopefully, we are looking at a better next four years.

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