Many Hewitt ninth graders, and other students worldwide, have had their home and school lives significantly compromised due to online learning. One Hewitt ninth-grader states that “it can be so hard to stay present and focus on a screen the whole day” (Maya T ‘24). One of the most common complaints students have about online learning is that the school day can be very dull and unmotivating without talking to friends and teachers in person. Although many children in America are having a terrible time spending their school day at home, I believe that it can be argued that ninth-graders, because they are just beginning high school, have had one of the most challenging experiences. Many ninth graders must adjust to high school life without being physically at school. Many students coming to Hewitt for the first time from different schools have a hard time making friends because they don’t get the chance to meet and talk to peers because many students are learning remotely. Ninth graders have had to join new clubs and other extracurriculars over Zoom had to enroll in new and advanced classes online, and have not had the chance to become a member of their high school community by meeting people in person. While acknowledging these problems, students also understand how difficult it has been for schools to adjust to online learning. Teachers had to change all of their lessons so that they could accommodate students who are both in-person and remote, and administrators had to think of a way to keep all of their students safe and healthy. 

Although these students have experienced a radical change in their day-to-day lives, most have remained adamant about keeping a positive outlook. One ninth-grader states, “one thing that I have learned from Covid is to be creative and work around problems” (Skye H ‘24). Since students have had to take their classes online, they have found ways to stay motivated and productive. Students have been taking walks to get fresh air and a change of scenery, spending time with family members at home, or contacting friends over video chat. Even though some students may sometimes feel lost and hopeless, it is vital to remain optimistic and take care of yourself and your family members. On behalf of Hewitt ninth graders, we are “glad that we can still go to school in this unprecedented time” (Skye Hamilton ‘24) and look forward to when it is safe enough to be in-person full time. 

Skye Hamilton ‘24: 

“Some pros of online learning are that I am able to be more independent in my work, I have more responsibility, and I have more time in my day because I’m at home. A con of online learning is that I am by myself all day long staring at a screen. One thing that I have learned from covid is to be creative and work around problems. Some things that I have learned from online learning are angle bisectors, tactics for discussions, the Black Death, and momentum. Overall, I think that there are many pros and cons of online learning and I am glad that we can still go to school in this unprecedented time.”

Maya Tylis ‘24:

“For what’s a pro of online learning I would say that I get to sleep more and that I can just stay comfortable all day! Also, I am able to attend many conferences and meetings I enjoy which might not be the case if everything wasn’t online. However, the cons of online learning would be that it can be so hard to stay present and focus on a screen the whole day. Also, a big part of school is socializing with friends which you can’t really do online. Overall, I feel like online learning is ok some days, however, I prefer in-person school because it’s hard to stay present and it is easier to socialize with friends in online school”

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