Recently, Dr. Kinsey sent out two emails regarding September and the transition back to in-person school. She also scheduled a meeting to address questions from students on May 28th, either at 4:00pm or 8:30pm. To attend, please fill out this registration form. Although at the moment the situation is unpredictable, over the next months Hewitt expects to receive more information that will help them make a decision regarding Hewitt’s reopen. It is obvious that Dr. Kinsey and the faculty are working incredibly hard to make our school experience smoother. Dr. Kinsey has proposed three sets of plans to return to school in September.

Plan A, the most ideal plan, is to open in-person school with alterations to health and safety procedures. The Hewitt Administration and Board of Trustees developed guidelines to ensure the health and wellbeing of those affiliated with the school. These include new monitoring protocols, new health and hygiene standards, implementation of social distancing, and protection of Hewitt’s financial well-being. 

Plan B is to continue remote learning in the Fall if the health officials and Hewitt’s administration decide reopening campus would be too risky. Thus, we would continue online classes in the same manner as we have over the past months. 

Plan C, which would be implemented if a second wave of COVID-19 combined with flu season occurs, is alternating periods of on-campus and remote learning.

Over the summer, to prepare for the school year ahead, faculty will be doing professional development so that the transition(s) between online and in-person school will be easier. Additionally, Dr. Kinsey hopes to continue academic and recreational programming through the summer. To that note, lookout for a short survey about what Hewitt can offer to families over the summer.  We all miss seeing our friends in class and in the hallways, Mr. Malone’s fist pumps, and delicious snacks. We all want to be back in school. No matter how we return to school next year, the Hewitt community will try to make remote learning as smooth, enjoyable, and normal as possible.

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