The Upper School Play this year was The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe. The whole Upper School read and talked about the play, which was about an all-girls soccer team, in their respective English classes. Ninth graders worked hard with their English teachers and Ms.Britt, diving deep into the book, to understand the complexities of the play. Acting out the play in class was a vital part of these English classes and a highlight for students as well. Students also made character charts and wrote character traits, thinking about what objects characters would carry in their bags. Many girls in the ninth grade enjoyed taking part in the acting aspect of the class. Gabby E ‘23 said, “It’s a fun book to read because it’s different and more fitting for our group of girls.” Tenth graders also read the play in class before seeing the performance. Olivia S. ‘22 said, “I like how it is passionate and does not hold back about topics that we don’t really talk about in our everyday English class.” On October 24, 2019, I saw the play twice. The first time I saw it, was in the front row with my grade. I felt that the play came to life and I enjoyed being so close to the stage. It made me feel like I was there with the actors on the soccer field. From talking about a bird in the air dome to talking about more serious topics such as children in cages, I was really shocked at how well the actors handled the profound parts of the play. When #2, played by Natalie E. ‘21, stuffed her face with oranges, the whole theatre was silent and it was as if the whole room’s mood had changed. After #00 played by Terezka V ’21, had a deep and somber act, the whole atmosphere of the theatre was not the same. When the soccer mom gave an emotional speech, there was not one dry eye in the house, including my own. I think this was a very distinct play that Hewitt put on and it was spectacular. The Upper School Plays the past two years have varied from the plays years back. I think Hewitt had become accustomed to trying something new. The Children’s Hour was the first time Hewitt had seen a production with such intensity in it. Now, seeing The Wolves, it was such a big success because it allowed girls to express themselves, and speak in raw language. The show also goes against the stereotypes towards girls, where people think we’re supposed to be, sweet mouthed and a goody two-shoes. I think Ms.Britt and the whole cast and crew of The Wolves did a fantastic job and they should be very proud of themselves.

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