On October 17th, 2019, Lauren Zinns, an Emergency Medicine Pediatric Physician at Mount Sinai Hospital visited the 11/12 Anatomy Class. Lauren led us in thoughtful conversation about her experience within her profession, along with teaching us about some basic tools frequently used in the Emergency Room. 

Our time with Lauren began with a Q&A based on the discussion. Lauren told us about what it is like to work in the Pediatric Emergency Room and what her day to day looks like. While she shared some of her most memorable cases, she taught us about how in order to work in the Emergency Room you need to know a bit about everything. You can see all types of cases and you need to know how to treat it and diagnose what you are seeing. She shared how she loved the quick fix aspect of what she does, meaning that doctors in the Emergency Room are responsible for providing quick care. This is a contrast to the long-term and intricate work that surgeons are responsible for. In addition to sharing about her work life, she told us how she got to where she is, and the process that went along with it, such as going to medical school and fellowing at a hospital. We also got to hear about what she loves and what she does not love in her personal and professional life

After hearing from Lauren and asking questions, we then learned about different tools used in the Emergency Room on a daily basis, such as surgical glue, IV kits, staplers, and more. As well, she made sure we all knew how to properly handle and inject an EpiPen. The class had a lot of fun talking and trying out the tools. 

Overall, we learned a lot about the life of an Emergency Medicine Pediatric Physician. We took away critical information about what it takes to get to where Lauren is and we learned a lot about different things they see in the Emergency Room. It was a nice experience and I loved learning from Lauren.

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