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While the suspense increases about the iPhone 6, Apple has released information about the newest iOS to arrive.

iOS 8 is the biggest iOS release ever – for developers and everyone else,” says Apple. The new mobile operating system is designed to make the iPhone experience a more natural one – “one that is pleasantly surprising at first and becomes utterly indispensable before you know it.”

iOS 8 introduces new features, as well as some that iPhone users have been waiting for.

As an iPhone user, you may find yourself struggling for storage due to the excessive number of photos you’ve taken. But don’t fear, because iOS 8 now has a solution, with an improved Photos app and the new iCloud Photo Library. All your photos will now live in the ever-daunting iCloud, as well as in your Photos Library, giving you access to any photo, anytime, anywhere, from any device. You can have less stored on your Library itself and more stored in the Cloud, because iCloud is essentially limitless.

Have you ever been added to a group iMessage on your phone without wanting to be added? And has your phone ever crashed or frozen from the obscene number of texts you were receiving? And you could never leave?! If you have been subject to this virtual torture, look forward to iOS 8. Because now, you will finally be able to leave those pesky group chats behind. You’ll also be able to quickly send pictures and videos in iMessages, similar to the features available in the Facebook Messenger app.

iOS 8 will feature additional design tweaks, interactive notifications, a shortcut to the people you contact most, and Siri improvements. The Spotlight will be improved to give more intelligent searches and help you find what you’re looking for with more accuracy. The keyboard will also introduce a new “Quick Type” feature – iOS 8 will predict what you are most likely to say next in iMessages, texts, and emails, and it will be able to give appropriate suggestions to help speed up your typing.

Along with the basic apps that come downloaded on your iPhone, a new app called “Health” will be joining the bunch. Heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar, cholesterol, sleep data, and more will all be available to you by a touch of this app. Similar to Dropbox or SugarSync, iOS 8 also introduces the iCloud Drive. From it, you can safely store all documents, images, presentations, etc. and work on them from any device. There goes Evernote’s line of Hewitt consumers.

iOS 8 will work will all iPhones going back to the 4S, and it should be released along with the new iPhone 6 very soon, so get your iPhones backed up and ready for the update. The official release is coming soon! Check back here for after Apple’s September 9th livestream event for the scoop. Real iFanatics can check the event’s official page here for a countdown clock.

An interesting thing to note is the almost ridiculous ubiquity of Apple’s iPresence. As I was typing this with Wordpress spell-checking along with me, it became apparent that any word in the dictionary with a capital letter and a lowercase i tagged onto the front no longer carries a red dotted line underneath it. “iType”? No problem. “itype”? That’s a different story.

See the new iOS 8 features in action here:


iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus will be available for Pre-Order starting September 12th, and can be bought in Apple Retail Stores starting September 19th at 8 a.m.


iPhone 6 – 4.7 inch display

iPhone 6 Plus – 5.5 inch display

Colors: Silver, Gold, Space Gray

Storage: 16GB, 64GB, 128GB

The iWatch will be available in Early 2015.




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