Although last Friday’s game at The Dwight School Athletic Center presented a crushing loss against Nightingale, Hewitt’s Varsity Basketball players had a team of cheerers by their side. The court was packed with screaming students: lower schoolers cartwheeled down the court during thirty second breaks, cheering alongside upper schoolers, and faculty supported from the balcony. A crowd of about 40 to 50 Hewitt students, who couldn’t be more proud of their school, stayed at Hewitt after school to make banners in support of their classmates and trickled out into the stands as the game progressed.

In the first few minutes of the game, Hewitt scored six points. However, Nightingale was able to take the lead, scoring a few three-pointers and sinking some foul shots. The score did not put a damper on the spirits of the students in the stands, though: pom-poms kept shaking and the cheering continued. The game ended with a score of 28-8, but Hewitt athletes and students walked off the court with their heads held high, proud to be hawks.


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